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Review: The Haunting of Asylum 49

Richard Estep is a local Longmont, Colorado resident and paranormal investigator.  He co-founded and is team leader of the Boulder County Paranormal Research Society. In The Haunting of Asylum 49, Estep takes his team to Utah to investigate the old Toole Valley Hospital outside Salt Lake City.   To make things even more intriguing, the hospital was purchased after it closed down by Kimm Andersen and his wife (co-author Cami) who turned it into Asylum 49: a full-contact haunted house.  It is also open to the public for ghost hunts.

This combination of potentially haunted location combined with the excitement and ins-and-outs of a Halloween haunt makes for a thoroughly gripping narrative as we follow the team’s exploration of the old building over Halloween week, 2015. Continue reading