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Review: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

(Paige McKenzie, Alyssa Sheinmel, Weinstein Books 2015)

It is unusual to find a young adult story that deals with demonic possession.  This one does.

Sunshine is a relatively normal teenager other than the fact that she was adopted as a baby and is very into vintage clothing and “old-fashioned” things.  Shortly after her sixteenth birthday her life changes for the weird.  Sunshine and her mom, Kat, move from sunny Texas to gloomy Washington state and Sunshine begins to notice strange things about their rented house.  Footsteps.  Repositioned objects.  Childlike crying. A mysterious feeling of cold that only she feels.  Yes, her house is haunted.  But events take an even more serious turn when her mother grows increasingly distant and strange.  Helped by her new friend, Nolan, Sunshine learns that she is not exactly human, and that it is up to her to save her mother’s spirit from demonic annihilation.  If Sunshine fails this initial test of supernatural abilities, her mother is lost forever.

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